E A G L E S..

So, here it is, gang! – My first time to watch my beloved Birds back on the field this preseason, since living in New York land doesn’t lend itself to being able to see every Eagles game anymore.


Jersey is out, smile is on, head tilt is in full effect – and, all of this despite the recent addition to the team.

Many people have asked when I was going to blog about Vick being made an Eagle. Despite it being a week ago to the day, I have purposefully put it off for a number of reasons. One, because I have blogged in the past about my feelings on Vick, which were explicitly clear – I, in no way, care for him as a human being, or believe that what he did was anything less than obscenely inhumane. Furthermore, the Eagles do not care about my thoughts on the situation, clearly – what is done is done, and the complaints of the people of Philadelphia will not change that.

Do I appreciate Vick being an Eagle? Absolutely not.

Do I think he should be allowed to play in the NFL? Yes.

Despite my earlier position on all of this, I have realized that our legal system is based on (and has to be) being innocent until proven guilty. And once you are proven guilty, you serve your time and pay your debt to society.

Our society also hopes that during your jail sentence, that whatever hate in your heart caused you to commit said crime dissolves entirely – and, sometimes, it actually does. People have served time, and bettered themselves for it.

So I guess it comes down to this, for me:

Do I truly believe in my heart Vick is 100 percent sorry for what he did? No. The things he allowed to happen to animals are so unfathomable, and I do believe that someone who could allow such acts to take place is a person incapable of complete change.

Do I hope that I am wrong about this? Yes. Of course. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be wrong about this, if not only because of their own ego?

Without ever having anyway to ever base an opinion on whether he truly is sorry, I can only see this situation factually: Michael Vick paid his debt to society, and should be allowed to play in the NFL – that includes my beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

WIll I ever really be comfortable with the sight of Vick in an Eagles uniform?


No. Never.

Yet, it is what it is, and despite my personal opinions about him as a person, he should be given that second chance.

But, I am one lone girl – a lover of animals, but also the Philadelphia Eagles – what are your thoughts?


If you follow myself or Cotter on twitter, you might remember us asking all of you what was a worse football fan faux pas: pink jerseys, personalized jerseys, or others?

Well, my friends – the wait is over, and the results are in.

Are you wondering how all of this came to be? A lot of people have questioned what piqued my interest on the subject at hand.

Here it is, you curious critters:

Last week commenced the Eagles preseason training camp, which, every year, has me fervently checking blogs, stats, and leaves me with the Philadelphia Eagles homepage consistently open. Inevitably, the habitual shopper in me ended up on the Eagles gear page (of course), and to my horror, remembered the time of “put your name on the back of your team’s jersery” – and seriously wondered, do people still do that? (and, more importantly, why did they ever start?)

This created the ever-controversial “what is worse” war – to which, Cotter (who I had initially addressed this question) and myself put it up to the fate of the Gods, taking twitter and facebook polls, asking all of you (to our horror!) which was better.

Here is what you guys decided.

Out of the 80 of you that so kindly responded to my inquriy, I was flabergasted, flabergasted! by the results. When I started this journey, I assumed everyone would so obviously agree with me, because to me, it seemed that personalized jerseys was the obvious choice.

Thanks for proving me wrong. Jerks.

This is the actual breakdown:

Those who agree with yours truly and say that your own name on the back of a jersey is the ultimate sin – 27

Those of you who are avid haters of the color pink, especially when presented in jersey form on gameday – 51

Those of you who like to throw a good curve ball, saying wearing the wrong team’s jersey is the worst – 2

The grand total of you who gave up 2.5 seconds of your life to serve the better cause of my often ignored blog = 80

I’m no mathmetical genius here, but this is what? 24 extra votes that go to the deteste of pink jerseys, which is 63 percent of the total votes. Way to prove me wrong, all.

If you missed out on the fun, I have added a poll – feel free to contribute below.

Something I feel that I should point out, at this juncture, is that the pink jerseys, whether you love or despise them, donate a part of the proceeds to support breast cancer research – and that is something I hope, regardless of how you feel on the subject, we can all get behind.

Football season is almost upon us, gang. Can’t wait.

See you at the bar.


Recently, I had no choice but to bid Comcast Cable adieu. (Thank God.)

In switching to Verizon Fios, which I highly recommend for all, I now have the NFL network included. This is a small feat for those of you who have been kicking ass for years in Comcast-free areas, but for those of us in Philly, we had to pay an arm and a leg for such luxuries.

Yet, despite such a glorious upgrade in my television experience, I have one bone to pick with the NFL network.

Stop talking about Brett Favre.

No one cares.

Not only does the NFL network presume that people are interested in learning the fate of this flake, but they have gone so far as to call it the top story. Every day this week.

In the spirit of the 4th of July, and you know, America, this work of Brett Favre seems more appropriate for discussion.

(If this doesn’t scream God Bless America, I don’t know what does.)

Lets be honest, Favre. You should stick with the Wranglers. Its what you do best.

Enjoy your 3 day weekends, party people.

Forget about me?

When I had said I wouldn’t be blogging for the next week, the next week suddenly became the rest of the month, and life got in the way – not only of my blogging, but my humor in general.

Personally, I blame Comcast.

Anyhow, I can report that I have now officially completed my move up to the big apple, and did not expect in leaving Philly to feel much. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love Philly, and anyone who knows me, knows that – but I guess life has been so insanely busy in the past couple of months that I did not think I’d still have that emotional connection to the city I once had.

However, I quickly discovered the reality was that it wasn’t just the city, but the connection to the life I had built while I was there.

One that was sad for me to leave.

It’s funny, in hindsight, because Philly was originally supposed to be a temporary situation. But what became a month or two of commuting from West Chester after I graduated college quickly turned into a year in Manayunk with two roommates, to another year downtown, living on my own at 16th and Spruce.

And I absolutely loved every minute of it.

So, here’s to you Philly.

And here’s to those that impacted my life while I was there.

Without all of you, what was an absolutely wonderful 2 years would have been a mundane month or so. Words cannot describe what all of you have meant to me, and always will, and I thank you so much for making Philly not only worth sticking around for, but a place I truly felt home within.








shorehouse 2009

I’ll miss you, guys. Wholeheartedly.

I love you even more.

I figured it was time to come visit the family one more time before summer really got underway. 

I flew out Monday afternoon, and this is what I can report so far:

Sleeping. Lots of it. Thank you, xanex. 

Oh, and there was the bowling this morning with what can only be described as a group of senior citizens (yes, I am serious). Since my sisters and brothers live in Boca Raton, I had to bear this task  of bowling alone, being the only young adult in a group of not-so-young adults. 

And despite my toe being broken, I managed to bowl a 140. NO LIE. (and without beer!) 

Anyhow, on to the story at hand – 

I have to report, sadly, that I will not be blogging for the next week. Tomorrow after my hair appointment where I hope to come out looking like this

heidi-klumand failing, miserably, I’ll be shipping down to Boca (bet you won’t hear Drop Kick Murphy’s doing that version anytime soon..) to meet up with the rest of the Brennan clan for the week.

So, rather than squandering away my time on my Mac, I will be enjoying it with my parents, sisters and brothers – because opportunities like this are few and far in between for me, and I would give anything to see them more often. 

Also, I should probably note that my brothers have a boat. 

And, that will inevitably bring us to this. 

Yes, I had to.

And with that, I must sign off.

Enjoy your weeks, everyone. I promise to bring the heat next week. 

..Whatever that means.

wedding season

With June underway, so begins the ever wonderful wedding season.

Being that I am still fairly young, you’re probably thinking – what could KB possibly know about weddings?

Well, I have been in more weddings than I care to admit. Having numerous girlfriends who have found the loves of their lives early on, and being the youngest in a large family, I have a fair share of weddings under my belt. Katherine Heigl will have nothing on me by the time I’m through.

Due to the ever present question of “what is appropriate wedding behavior”, I felt it only fair to bestow my wisdom and expertise upon the masses.

What not to do at the next wedding you attend.


Don’t be “those” bridesmaids. It makes people understand why you showed up solo.


Everyone knows you love cake. They don’t need to know how much.


Just don’t. Period.


Play along. Just because they can’t see you now, doesn’t mean they won’t when the proofs come out.


“She LOVES being single, what do you mean?” Don’t be the sad girl at the party.

And something I struggle with, and not just at weddings..


This is the maid of honor speech, not the champagne toast. It’s okay to put the drink down from time to time.

Honestly though, I do love weddings, and not simply because of the open bars. It’s great when you can share in the happiness of those you care about, or when those you care about are really happy.

So grab that bloody mary, celebrate with your friends, and just remember: photographers are everywhere.

going home.

Lately, in moving up to New York, I have been doing a lot of schlepping between Philly and the Big Apple. It’s a process I have been doing for a bit now, but, sadly, it will soon come to an end, and I will no longer be able to say “I’m going home.”

I just want everyone I love from Philly to know: You can take the Eagles fan out of the city of Philadelphia, but you cannot make her a Giants fan in New York.

That is a promise.

This weekend I am back in Philly for one of the last times, spending some quality time with the city I love so much. (And, sadly, a bunch of boxes.)

This bittersweet realization made me think of one of my favorites scenes from Almost Famous, and it’s one I know everyone can appreciate.

I don’t care what anyone says – I love you, Philly. 


Happy Friday, party people.