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retail therapy

Life is tough. There comes a time when we all need to find our own way to breathe and reboot.

We all have different ways of doing this.

Some people phone home. “Mom?”, and so begins a lengthy and rejuvenating chat with the woman who is solely responsible for bringing you into this world. I’ve been known to do this when I have reached rock-bottom. Funny, though, as it is that when I am sad nothing turns me into a bubbling mess quite like hearing my mom’s voice.

Others turn to therapy. Seated across from a complete and utter stranger, people find solace in working their way through their problems with a professional–for the small cost of their first born and a kit kat bar.

So, why is that in a recession, people chastise those who spend frivolously on retail? We, too, indulge ourselves in therapy for a quick pick-me-up, although there is no verbal discourse required. The pick-me-up is better known as: retail therapy.

Sure, it may be shallow. I’m aware of this. But isn’t all therapy a bit self-indulgent? Why does society deem it perfectly acceptable to spend 200 dollars on an hour of discussion and not-so-much when springing for a new pair of shoes? I’m not saying people should not try to constantly better themselves – I try to do that on a daily (okay, yearly) basis. But if what brings me joy is a sample sale at Saks, who am I to argue science?

After all, shoppers alike are simply fulfilling their civic duty to jump start the economy – and let me tell you, it’s a thankless job.

In the end, if it makes us happy, it is worth it, right?

Although, I’m always up for suggestions. What brings you joy?


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